Creation for the Tunis Ballet and the CNSMDP Young Ballet

For the first time, the Opéra de Tunis ballet and the Conservatoire National de Paris have teamed up to commission choreographer Mathilde Monnier. 

This creation will bring together the 20 dancers of the ballet and the 12 dancers of the conservatory through a new piece designed for these two groups and gathered on a music of Ligeti and the group el Qatar. The dancers of the Ballet de Tunis and the group of dancers of the master of the Conservatoire de danse de Paris each have different stories of dance and corporeality, bringing them together through a creation is a really exciting challenge for a choreographer, he is also the bearer of promise. It is not so common to have such an opportunity. The project of this creation will be based on a work on different forms of ensemble or unisons, rhythmic unisons, unisons of gestures, unison without unison. How to dance together from common scores.» Mathilde Monnier

Sound/Music Olivier Renouf and El Qatar Oriental Psyche Pop Band 
Premiere May 9, 2023 at the CNSMDP in Paris, then on tour at the Carthage Tunisia festival.
Partners of this project: Opéra théâtre de Tunis, Institut français à Tunis, Institut français Paris, the Carthage choreographic days.