Depuis l’enfance

A research project and a documentary film on childhood and dance, in children from 4 to 7 years old.

By Mathilde Monnier and Karim Zeriahen
Director, Karim Zeriahen

Production, Association MM
Co-production, Lux Scène Nationale de Valence, Theater + Cinema Scène nationale Grand Narbonne
With the support of the Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Artistic Creation

The child sings before learning to sing, dances before learning to dance. Many children dance very young and very early, a dance that is sometimes very complex made up of emotions, grimaces, strange and elegant gestures. After her play Please Please Please featuring a baby, Mathilde Monnier wishes to question these children's dances, which only exist for a few years or even a few months, but which show us that even a very small child is already inventing. The form will be that of a film, portraits of dancing children, filmed in their family contexts at home, at home, directed by Karim Zeriahen.