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mathilde monnier, loïc touzé & tanguy viel
1st version of the show premiered at le triangle - within the frame of the festival agitato 09 - rennes

Nothing replaces cinema, undoubtedly. But maybe, by conjugating dance and writing, we could draw on stage the contours of our passion for movies.  
Starting from danced improvisations, Mathilde Monnier and Loïc Touzé confront the text of a particular movie goer, read by Tanguy Viel. Together they recreate a “top ten” list of their favorite movies, with as many choreographic evocations as literary. Thus, we can see a parade of the silhouettes of Charly Chaplin and Pierrot le fou, as well as of John Wayne and Gena Rowlands, as if on a three dimensional screen. mathilde monnier, loïc touzé, tanguy viel


choreography and interpretation mathilde monnier et loïc touzé
texts and interprétation tanguy viel
artistic collaboration annie tolleter
costumes laurence alquier
light design éric wurtz
sound design antonin clair
production centre chorégraphique national de montpellier languedoc-roussillon