mathilde monnier, annie tolleter, karim zeriahen
world premiere 20 avril 2004 . ccn de montpellier

4 short pieces choreographed by Mathilde Monnier, which overlap theintimacy of solo performance with the many facets of choreography. Adancer is not an abstract body, but rather engaged in dialogue with an‘other’, both for and with the work at hand, and thus self-aware. Theseshort pieces are highlights of Mathilde Monnier’s particular style, herpoetic and metrical range.  A fractal of herchoreography.        

the program (entire series or à la carte)

8 mn is a solo-dance solo-image piece. Based on achoreographic text, it experiments with fastening an image onto dance,a screen onto dancer, over a short time span. A direct and uniquerelationship between image and movement.

12 mn is the sequel to 8 mn. Through a similar interplay ofsolo dance and solo image, 12 mn attempts to split up image from dance,and to pierce the screen. It is also another opportunity forcollaboration with Karim Zeriahen, Annie Tolleter and Didier Aschour.

conception mathilde monnier, annie tolleter, karim zeriahen
dance mathilde monnier
vidéo karim zeriahen
installation annie tolleter
music didier aschour

sursauts was created for the culture demonstrationorganized at the Zenith on October 12th 2003. It is a jubilant piece,inviting dancers to join in a common impulse: the jump. It is abouttogetherness for the sake of sustaining a rhythm, as well as sustainingone another, through this playful exertion. Sursauts is a spontaneousand direct response to the events of summer 2003, which rocked theperformance community. The stage is gradually filled with dancers, andthen emptied, foreshadowing the void created by the new protocol.

choreography workshop guest dancers learn the choreography a dayor two before the performance, as part of a workshop led by BertrandDavy or Mathilde Monnier (to be confirmed). The dancers participatingin this project must have an advanced level of training (academy, artschool, dance school, etc…).

choreography mathilde monnier and bertrand davy (assistant)
dance bertrand davy,  mathilde monnier + 15 people
music didier aschour
workshop duration 8 hours over 2 days before the performance
required participants 15 dancers, advanced level, to be recruited on location
rehearsal space dance studio, theater, rehearsal room

signé au singulier is a solo excerpt from a piececommissioned for the Vienna Festival (2000) on Merce Cunningham’s work.Signe is a dedication, a nod, rather than a tribute to the artist’simmense output. “Remy Heritier, who dances this solo, had hardly donethis kind of training. And yet I had an intuition when I met him thathe’d be able to capture traces of a technique and outlook which he hadnot experienced. It isn’t utterly necessary to experience a heritage inorder to transmit it; one generation leaves its traces upon the next.Working with Remy, I observed that he had grasped quite a few ofMerce’s ideas, and this triggered a new dance, a personal relationshipwith movement that nevertheless conveyed Merce’s language. Our worktogether was along these lines of invisible transmission.” mathildemonnier

choreography mathilde monnier
dance rémy héritier
light designer eric wurtz
duration 10 mn

production centre choregraphique national de montpellier languedoc-roussillon


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trax - 01/04/2005