world premiere 20>27 july, 05 . cour d’honneur du palais des papes . festival d’avignon

In Mathilde Monnier’s jubilant new show, dance surges out of multiplespaces.  On three different-sized stages, clusters of dancersdevise strange rituals and enact forms that are chaotic and frantic orelse slow and subtle. Their gestures unleash three kinds of energy –raw and gratuitous violence; constantly moving and multi-faceted desire; connection that involves letting go through gestural fluidity,aware of or in contact with others. If we admit that the story ofhumans is essentially about bodies that express ideas, evolution andmovement, we can grasp why Mathilde Monnier, whose work often explorescommunity and modes of “living together”, underscores gesturalintention in order to choreograph reality.
In cooperation with scriptwriter Stéphane Bouquet and turntablistcomposer eRikm, choreographer and dancers interweave a remarkablehomage to unfettered motion by revealing forms of change.frère&sœur evokes brotherhood. This special link between beings,usually confined to family, turns into a reflection of society.
Destiny, that expression of existence, unfolds through a string ofexperiences. An organic and finely chiseled script merges thisdance-probe with an original world view, “a group destiny” and itspossible outcomes. A dance of memory and shared experience, a showabout generosity. irène filiberti - for the avignon festival

choreography mathilde monnier
music eRikm
scenario stéphane bouquet

associated artists
with jerome andrieu, trisha bauman, stéphane bouquet, davy brun, benoît causse, yoann demichelis, herman diephuis, eRikm, julien gallee-ferre, natacha kouznetsova, i-fang lin, joel luecht, ayelen parolin
scenography annie tolleter
light design éric wurtz
costume design dominique fabrègue
assisted by laurence alquier
technical direction thierry cabrera
stage management marc coudrais

production festival d’avignon 05, les spectacles vivants - centre pompidou /festival d’automne 05 - paris,  maison de la culture d’amiens,theatre des salins - scene nationale de martigues, deSingel - anvers,tanz im august - internationales tanzfest berlin, centre choregraphiquenational de montpellier languedoc-roussillon


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